Thursday, March 20, 2014, an online JSON validator

By Vasudev Ram

JSON page on Wikipedia.

JSON, as most developers nowadays know, has become useful as a data format both for web client-server communication and for data interchange between different languages, since most popular programming languages have support for it (see the lower part of the JSON home page linked above in this sentence).

While searching for information about some specific aspects of JSON for some Python consulting work, I came across this site: is an online JSON validator. It is from the Arc90 Lab. (Arc90 is the creator of Readability, a tool that removes the clutter from web pages and makes a clean view for reading now or later on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.)

You paste some JSON data into a text box on the site and then click the Validate button, and it tells you whether the JSON is valid or not. is a useful resource for any language with JSON support, including Python.

P.S. Arc90 is being acquired by SFX Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ:SFXE).

- Vasudev Ram - Python consulting and training

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Anonymous said...

matej@wycliff: ~$ rpm -qf $(which json_verify)

Vasudev Ram said...

matej: Thanks for the comment. Yes, there are many offline JSON validators in the YAJL family (guess it stands for Yet Another JSON Linter, following the naming tradition of YACC and others) on the page, for various languages.

The online can still be useful if you need to validate some JSON quickly and don't have a validator already installed locally for the language you use.

Kasun Weranga Gunathilake said...

I found this one pretty useful for validating JSON input

Vasudev Ram said...

@Kasun: Thanks, will check it out. Also, your blog seems to have some interesting posts, will check it too :)