Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cloudera acquires Datapad; has Python client for Impala (SQL on Hadoop)

By Vasudev Ram

Saw this via a tweet by GigaOm.

Cloudera has acquired Datapad.

GigaOm article about it:

Cloudera bought DataPad because data scientists need tooling, too

Summary of the GigaOm article about the acquisition:

[ Cloudera has acquired a data-visualization startup called DataPad, the founding team of which specializes in data analysis using the Python programming language [1]. As Hadoop competition heats up, Cloudera might be ramping up its Python tooling in order to attract more data scientists and developers. ]

[1] The founders of DataPad (Wes McKinney and Chang She) are also the creators of the pandas Python library for data analysis.

Here are a few other interesting links related to Cloudera buying Datapad:

A New Python Client for Impala

I had blogged earlier about Cloudera's Impala engine that allows SQL querying of Hadoop data:

Cloudera's Impala engine - SQL querying of Hadoop data

SQL coming to Hadoop

Cloudera: Impala’s it for interactive SQL on Hadoop; everything else will move to Spark

Apache Spark - "Lightning-fast cluster computing"

Apache Spark page on Wikipedia

WIRED magazine article about Apache Spark:

Open Source Superstar Rewrites Future of Big Data

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