Monday, October 13, 2014

Hacker News thread on PDF reporting tools

By Vasudev Ram

I saw this thread about PDF reporting tools on Hacker News (HN) today:

Ask HN: What do you use for PDF reports these days?

It was interesting to see that multiple HN users commented saying that they use ReportLab for PDF report creation in Python and like it a lot. I also commented, mentioning my xtopdf PDF generation library, which is also written in Python and builds on top of Reportlab, and provides a subset of ReportLab's functionality, with a somewhat easier interface / API for that subset.

PrinceXML (*), Jasper (Java), JagPDF (C++, Python, Java, C), Flying Saucer (Java), PDFBox (Java), prawn (Ruby), wkhtmltopdf, FPDF/TCPDF (PHP) were some of the other interesting PDF creation tools or libraries mentioned. I have come across many of these tools in my explorations of the PDF creation field (which has been going on for some years, as it is a personal interest of mine, and I've also done some consulting projects that involved PDF generation and PDF text extraction), but still came across some tools new to me, in the HN thread.

(*) A possibly somewhat less-known fact is that Håkon Wium Lie, one of the board members of YesLogic, the company behind PrinceXML is also the original proposer of CSS and the CTO of Opera Software (yes, the company behind the Opera browser).

Wikipedia page about PDF - the Portable Document Format.

PDF became an ISO standard - ISO 32000-1 some years ago.

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For anyone who wants to check out xtopdf, this guide may be useful: