Wednesday, October 29, 2014

LowFundWala, startup to create videos for startups

By Vasudev Ram

LowFundWala is a recent Indian startup that creates videos for other startups (and also for established companies). They call themselves a startup for startups.

I read about it a newspaper. The concept seems interesting and useful. They also claim to have got some early traction, a.k.a. customers and revenue (unlike the wannabe Zuck type of startup :)

I read in the newspaper that they do videos ranging from low priced to high priced ones.

Promotion of startups' products is one of the applications of the videos they make. They are also supposed to me somewhat of an end-to-end outfit, in that they do everything related to the video themselves, instead of getting parts of the work done by others.

LowFundWala may be worth checking out for Indian or other startups that want to get some videos made for such purposes.

Here is an article about LowFundWala on

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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kashyap swaroop said...

Hey Vasu,

Glad you like what we do. Thank you for mentioning us here. We love working with startups, and if any startup needs guidance/advice on making videos for their startups, we'd be more than happy to help.

We're reachable at

Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer,
Lowfundwala Productions

Vasudev Ram said...

You're welcome, Kashyap.

All the best.


Vasudev Ram said...


In the post text, the phrase:

"They are also supposed to me somewhat"

should read "They are also supposed to be somewhat".