Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New: The Hacker News API (with Python support)

By Vasudev Ram

Hacker News (HN), a.k.a. has introduced an API for their site - the Hacker News API.

Hacker News is a tech and other news site popular with developers, entrepreneurs and others, which was set up by Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, a startup incubator / accelerator.

HN thread about the Hacker News API.

The Hacker News API on Github.

The API has been built in partnership with Firebase, a startup that is a graduate of the Y Combinator incubator / accelerator.

There is a Firebase REST API available to access the Hacker News data.

They mention two Python wrappers for the Firebase REST API:

python-firebase, Python interface to the Firebase REST API, by Özgür Vatansever

and another one, also called

python-firebase, Python wrapper for the Firebase API by Michael Huynh.

The news about the Hacker News API was posted just today.

I'll experiment over some days with the API and then may write another post about using it from Python.

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Vasudev Ram said...

Update: Just saw this news on Hacker News - Firebase is joining Google: