Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ramit Sethi on: "If you don’t invest in yourself, why should anyone invest in you?"

By Vasudev Ram

Just saw this fantastic tweetstorm by Ramit Sethi. Here it is in full (at the time of writing - edited to remove most of the cruft (dates, times, etc.) that comes from pasting a Twitter page verbatim into a blog post, but no relevant content removed):

1- Guy emails me, wondering why nobody's buying his course. Me: "Which other courses have you bought?" Him: "Huh? I'm doing it on my own..."
11:01 PM - 8 Apr 2015

2- If you don’t invest in yourself, why should anyone invest in you?

@ramit quote of the day. Thanks ramit.

3- For example, I’m taking a 50-hour-long accounting class this month. And I have accountants and bookkeepers who work for me!

4- If you don’t invest in yourself, notice the code words you tell yourself: Not enough time. Not enough money. "Lol easy for you to say"

5- This isn’t just about buying products. It’s about ALL areas of investing in yourself: Doing your homework. Talking to the right people.


6- If you claim you’re serious about X (fitness, online business, learning Japanese), look at 2 things: your calendar and your spending.


7- Are you investing time & money? If not, how serious are you really?


@ramit thank you for this! #RightPlaceRightTime I needed this!!


8- You claim you want to lose 25lbs. No you don’t. You want to talk about how you can’t give up bread. Show me your calendar & workout plan


@ramit frickin in your face wisdom! Boom


@ramit killing it with this series of tweets


9- You claim you’re tired of dating “bad boys” and want someone “nice.” No you don’t. Show me what YOU’RE doing to become a better catch


@ramit oooh they don't want to hear it! Tell 'em!


@ramit The idea that we normally DON'T want what we claim we want, is just PERFECT, ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.


10- You claim you want an online business. No you don’t. You want to read 100 more blog posts & PLAY business. Winners invest. Losers dream.

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