Saturday, June 20, 2015

What is the meaning of this number? 3735928559

By Vasudev Ram

Saw this tweet by Raymond Hettinger (@raymondh), Python core developer:

Pop quiz: Whenever you see the number 3735928559 in your output, there is probably an error in the code. What is special about this number?

So I took a guess: converted the number to hexadecimal:
>>> print hex(3735928559)
and sure enough, it printed out:
Here is the reverse conversion, from hexadecimal to decimal:
>>> print int('0xDEADBEEF', 16)
Also see: hexspeak

How do you like that little critter at the top of the post?
I call him PyBug. Drawn impromptu, for this post, by:

- Yours truly,

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Vasudev Ram said...

Also read the replies to Raymond's tweet above.

And see:

Wil Cooley said...

Your drawing looks more like an Anomalocaris canadensis than a "bug":

Vasudev Ram said...

Ha ha, good one. Read the Wikipedia article about Anomalocaris - interesting.