Tuesday, November 17, 2015

RealCalc, a realistic-looking Android scientific calculator

By Vasudev Ram

RealCalc is a scientific calculator app for Android.

[Image above is of RealCalc Plus.]

I came across it via a comment in this HN thread:

Smallest RPN Calculators (swissmicros.com)

Then I installed it on my Android phone and tried it out a bit: things like basic arithmetic, y to the power of x, log, ln, hex mode calculations, etc. It looks good and worked as expected. One good feature is different display modes, one of looks like a real electronic calculator - the whole calculator, not just its number display. I guess that is the reason for the name of the app :)

I'll use RealCalc for a while and then may write another post about it, if there is anything else interesting to say.

You can download RealCalc here:


They also have a paid version with more features, RealCalc Plus, which you can download from the same link. In fact, the paid one is the app linked to from that page; it takers you to the Google Play Store page for RealCalc Plus. Then by looking at the similar apps section on that page, you can get to RealCalc.

Speaking of small utility apps, check out this earlier post by me:

A simple alarm clock in Python (command-line)

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