Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blistering Barnacles! [1] A site for bootstrappers

By Vasudev Ram

[1] That was a reference to Captain Haddock from the Tintin comics, for those who didn't know. is a new discussion site for bootstrappers. It uses the codebase (which is open source, and in Rails) with some modifications. I signed up for the site, after seeing it mentioned on I've been on for a while, but had not used the site much. Checking it out more often nowadays. Likely will do the same with, since the signal-to-noise ratio on both are high (is so on, likely to be so on, to be precise [2] - as Thomson and Thompson might say).

Both and have some differences from sites like HN. Instead of describing those, I'll let readers check them out - it'll be more fun and complete that way :)

[2] From Tintin comics again.

Here are a couple of posts from, with some comments:

Ask BN: Which chat widget provider do you use/recommend for online visitors?

List of tools for bootstrappers

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