Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Interview: Ruminations on D: Walter Bright, DLang creator

By Vasudev Ram

I read this interview yesterday:

Ruminations on D: An Interview with Walter Bright (creator of the D programming language).

(Walter Bright (Wikipedia))

The interview also links to this talk between Walter and Andrei Alexandrescu, of Modern C++ fame, who joined Walter to work on D (after working at Facebook for some time)) about a D project, warp (a C++ preprocessor), that Walter did for Facebook; the talk is about the D benefits Walter found while working on the project (such as the ease of changing the data structures to try different approaches, and how the ranges and the algorithms that operate upon them are somewhat decoupled).

(Andrei Alexandrescu (Wikipedia))

HN thread about the interview.

You can also check out this video, about the creators or key team members of 4 languages, C++, D, Golang and Rust, talking at LangNext '14:

Video: C++, Rust, D and Go: Panel at LangNext '14

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