Monday, August 1, 2016

Video: C++, Rust, D and Go: Panel at LangNext '14

By Vasudev Ram

I recently came across this video of a panel discussion (in 2014) on modern systems programming languages. Yes, I know the term is controversial. Andrei and Rob say something about it. See the video.

The languages discussed are: C++, D, Go and Rust, by a panel at LangNext '14.

The panel consisted of key team members from the teams working on those languages:

- Bjarne Stroustrup for C++
- Andrei Alexandrescu for D
- Rob Pike for Go
- Niko Matsakis for Rust

(that's by language name in alphabetical order :)

Here is the video embedded below, and a link to it in case the embed does not work for you (sometimes happens).

I have only watched part of it so far (it is somewhat long), but found it interesting.

You can also download it with youtube-dl (written in Python, BTW) or some other video downloading tool, for watching offline. It's about 1.34 GB in size, so plan accordingly.

- Enjoy.

- Vasudev Ram - Online Python training and consulting
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