Monday, September 19, 2016

Programming Languages Beacon (what large apps written in what languages)

By Vasudev Ram

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The Programming Languages Beacon (PLB) is an interesting site that I came across today, via this comment on John D. Cook's blog. (The comment is by Cook himself, in reply to another comment on his post).

The PLB page has a big table showing the main programming language(s) that many large well-known software products, such as operating systems, browsers, office suites, and others, are written in.

Some of the products mentioned in the table: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, HP-UX, iOS, Android, KDE, MS Office, LibreOffice, Oracle, MySQL, Hadoop, Firefox, Safari, ...

No prizes for guessing what language(s) the majority of the products listed are written in :)

The beacon site is maintained by Vincent Lextrait.

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