Sunday, November 27, 2016

Video: Interview: GoingNative 6: Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu - D Programming Language

By Vasudev Ram

I watched this video (from 2013) a few days ago:

GoingNative 6: Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu - D Programming Language

Going Native [1] is a tech event, and I guess 6 refers to the 6th year or edition of it. I first saw this video on Channel 9, one of Microsoft's technology sites. That site has multiple links to the video, including downloadable, in different qualities, so you may want to check out getting it from there. [2]

[1] There seems to be rising interest in "native" (programming) languages these days (before the rise of "scripting" languages, all languages were native, i.e. they ran, after compilation, on the "metal" (i.e. the CPU), not on a language VM or interpreter, and we just called them languages, no fancy-shmancy names, ha ha :). Part of the reason for the rise in interest, as mentioned in the video, is that we are entering (or have entered) a world of multi-core and concurrency, and due to Moore's law ending (?) Anyway, native languages like D, Go and Rust are picking up these days, whatever the reason. I've used native languages like Pascal and C a lot at work earlier, so I welcome this return of greater interest in native languages, though I'm not stopping using languages like Python anytime soon either.

[2] And to download the video at the command line, check out youtube-dl, a YouTube downloader in Python. Yes, downloading a video about native languages with a tool written in a scripting language - go figure :)

The video shows an interviewer talking to both Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu. Walter, who developed the first native C++ compiler, is the original creator of the D programming language and Andrei, who was a C++ expert and book author, joined him some years later to help in developing the language. The interview was somewhat wide-ranging and a bit long, and quite interesting. Many aspects of the language and the plans and in-progress work for it were talked about.

The video is also embedded below.

Happy holidays to my readers.

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