Friday, January 20, 2017

SiteTruth, interesting startup

By Vasudev Ram

SiteTruth is an early-stage startup with an interesting product, that I got to know about today.

Excerpt from their About page above:

[ Conventional wisdom is that search spam can't be stopped.
Conventional wisdom is wrong.

SiteTruth exists to solve one of the Web's biggest problems - web spam, unidentified, and possibly fake, on-line businesses.

Every on-line commerce web site must display the name and address of the business behind the site. That's the law in much of the developed world. SiteTruth tries to identify that business, then find information about it. That check is used to influence search rankings. That's SiteTruth.

Sites which sell, but have no identifiable business behind them, are down-rated. "Doorway pages", "affiliate sites", and anonymous businesses receive low ratings. Identifiable, verifiable businesses get good ratings. The marginal businesses, the ones that the customer can't find when they need a refund, get low ratings. ]

- Vasudev Ram - Online Python training and consulting

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