Sunday, April 30, 2017, an open source pastebin with runnable snippets

By Vasudev Ram


I came across this site today via the Net:, an open source pastebin with runnable snippets and API.

It allows you to type or paste in snippets of code and then run them on the site. supports 36 languages at the time of checking it, from Assembly to TypeScript and many others in between.

I tried it out with a simple Python snippet. It worked. You can see both the snippet and the start of the output in the screenshot below.

I had blogged about these roughly similar sites earlier:

Codingbat, Progress Graphs and Michael Jordan, online REPL for many languages, and empythoned

Online Python Tutor looks quite interesting

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gvmcmt said...

The code is open source.

main github source repository:

Unknown said... is similar and quite good. It also has a basic debugger :)