Friday, September 12, 2008

Google Custom Search Engine

Google Custom Search Engine (Google CSE) is a useful tool for web site owners.

I installed it on my web site a while ago.

It allows you to set up a search engine on your web site that is tailored to your needs. CSE is also quite easy to set up - you just have to follow the steps in an online wizard, and at the end, copy and paste the generated code into the appropriate part of the web page where you want it. You can even create more than one CSE for yourself.

Excerpt from the Google CSE site:


Learn how Custom Search benefits...

Your website, blog, or special interest group

* Help your visitors find what they're looking for
* Invite your friends and community to contribute
* Make money with AdSense for Search
* Automatically generate a search engine based on the links on your website or blogroll with Custom Search on the fly

Your business or enterprise

* Take advantage of Google Site Search for added benefits, like enterprise-grade support, ads-free results pages, and the XML API
* Put your own logo on the search results pages
* Help customers navigate your site and find the products they want to buy

Your non-profit, government, or educational organization


Interestingly, Google CSE can, if installed on a site, search for your keywords both in the contents of files, and in the filenames of files present on the site. For example, try searching for "*.txt" (without the double quotes) in the CSE on my site (it's in the top right corner of the page). You'll see that it finds matches both in the content of files, as well as in filenames.

By Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises.

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