Saturday, September 13, 2008

Google Experimental - Check out Google's latest ideas

Saw this just now - I was testing the Google Custom Search Engine that I have installed on my web site. Entered a search keyword into the box. Following a few links in the results led to Google Experimental.

There are two Google experiments at that page as of now:

- Alternate views for search results

- Keyboard shortcuts

I tried out the keyboard shortcuts one. It provides vi-style key commands for using Google Search - fairly useful. You can use the J and K keys to go to the next and previous search result, / to put the cursor in the search text box, Escape key to leave the box (and put the cursor back on the first search result), the O (oh) or ENTER key to open the current result.

I guess they may add more experiments over time, so it may be worth checking back there now and then.

Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises.

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