Friday, September 5, 2008

Intel acquires OpenedHand

OpenedHand Ltd, based in London, UK, is a software company with products related to handheld computing devices. Interestingly, all their products seem to be open source.

About OpenedHand.

Intel has acquired OpenedHand.

[ I had blogged about the Moblin platform a few days ago. ]

Excerpts from the OpenedHand site:

"The OpenedHand team will join the Intel Open Source Technology Center and will focus on the development of the Moblin Software Platform, the optimized software stack for Intel Atom processors".

"OpenedHand has grown to a solid team of experienced open source developers with skills covering all areas of a device’s software stack".

They have products such as:

- Matchbox.

"Matchbox is an open source base environment for the X Window System on embedded platforms with limited screen size and system resources".

- Poky.

"Poky is a platform build tool to aid the design, development, building, debugging, simulation and testing of Linux based device software stacks".

- Pimlico.

"Pimlico is a suite of lightweight Personal Information Management (PIM) applications providing address book, task list, calendar and synchronisation software."

As they say on their site:

"One of our areas of focus is leveraging proven and popular desktop technologies to embedded platforms. This provides a widely tested and maintained base which we can use to build optimised systems".

This looks like an interesting and viable business model for some software companies - take an existing, mature, open source software product which is available for the desktop, and optimize and make it smaller for use on devices (which have less powerful CPUs and less RAM than desktop computers).

Vasudev Ram.

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