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This looks like an opportunity for startups in the mobile Internet space ...

[ UPDATE: A couple of updates relevant to the post below.

1. Xandros Adopts Moblin for 25 Percent Battery Boost on Netbooks

2. Intel announces first Atom chips ] is "an open source community for sharing software technologies, ideas, projects, code, and applications to create an untethered computing experience across Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), Netbooks, and embedded devices."

Its meant for Intel's Atom Processor technology, which requires software optimized for low power, low footprint, high performance, wireless, and graphics. They have a Moblin Core Linux Stack on top of which you can build applications to run on Mobile Internet Devices.

Here is a video of Dirk Hohndel, Chief Open Source Strategist, talking about MobLin.

The MobLin Resource Center has lots of links to learn more about MobLin, including papers, presentations, articles, videos, demos, a mailing list, a FAQ, downloads.

Intel® Capital's Open Source Incubator Program is a venture funding program for MobLin applications.

There's an Intel® C++ Software Development Tool Suite 1.0 for Linux OS Supporting Mobile.

Excerpt about it:

"The Intel® C++ Software Development Tool Suite for Linux* OS Supporting Mobile Internet Devices (MID) is a complete tools solution set to address MID software performance requirements, and to enhance the productivity and experience of the Linux-based MID system and application development process.

The Tool Suite covers the entire cycle of software development: coding, compiling, debugging, and analyzing performance. All included tools are Linux hosted and compatible with GNU tools.

The Tool Suite is available for free download".

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