Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cher Wang of HTC, one of the most powerful tech execs you never knew

By Vasudev Ram

I didn't know of Cher Wang either :) Apparently she keeps a low profile (NY Times article).

Anyway, I'm blogging this, not to write about her in person, but because she is the chairwoman (and driving force) of HTC Corporation, a company I checked out on the Net recently. I did know about HTC before, of course, due to their releasing the world's first Android phone, the HTC G1) in 2008. HTC's achievements seem impressive, based on a few articles I read about the company.

A friend of mine recently got an HTC smartphone - the HTC/T-Mobile/Google G2 (which, despite the model number being just one more than the G1, is quite recent, and a lot more advanced than the G1) - and he told me he was very happy with it. I tried it out a bit and it looked pretty good to me too, though I would really have to use it for some more time to be able to say whether I would like it enough to buy it or not. Also, it's a bit on the expensive side. I also got initial inputs from another friend about another good HTC Android phone - the HTC Desire, and may blog more about it later after checking it out some.

A bit more about Cher Wang:

- She is an economics graduate of University of California at Berkeley, CA, USA.

- BusinessWeek article about her:

Taiwan's Priestess Of The PDA - Cher Wang, Founder and Chairman, High Tech Computer Corp., Taiwan.

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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