Tuesday, January 18, 2011

EU to fund Scala language for Euro 2.3 million over 5 years; the Heise effect

By Vasudev Ram

The EU (European Union) is going to fund Scala language development for Euro 2.3 million over 5 years. Scala is a programming language that runs on the JVM. It is a multi-paradigm language with both object-oriented and functional language features.

I read about it via Hacker News.

Here is the news about the funding, on www.h-online.com, which, I understand, is a leading German / European tech news site/magazine (*).


The goal is to overcome the challenges of parallel programming, which is becoming increasingly important as multi-core and multi-processor systems become more widespread.]

And here is the article about it on the Scala blog:

Scala Team Wins ERC Grant

(*) I checked out the h-online site a bit on Google, and found that it is owned by the Heise Media or Heinze Heise group. That Wikipedia article also mentions, interestingly, that being mentioned on a Heise media site leads to very high traffic to your site:

Links from the Heise site can cause a massive increase in web traffic to the referenced sites and can cause some to become temporarily unavailable. While in the English-speaking world this is known as the Slashdot effect, among German speakers this is referred to as the Heise effect (in German: geheist)

Fun hack: Want to know how geheist is pronounced in German? :)

Go to translate.google.com, enter geheist into the text box, and then set both the From and To languages to German; then click the Listen button. Of course, your computer should have speakers attached.

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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