Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Google Chrome v10, many innovative features

By Vasudev Ram

Just saw that Google has released the stable version of Chrome v10.

It seems to have many innovative features.

Some of them are:

- Higher speed (including faster JavaScript processing for JS-heavy web pages, via new Crankshaft JavaScript engine)

- Better syncing between different computers on which you run Chrome, including a new passphrase feature to encrypt your password for better security

- Simpler interfaces, particularly for browser settings; settings now have URLs and you can go to them directly by typing their URLs in the address bar (cool! - I much prefer typing over navigating menus - is much faster)

- Search for specific settings you're looking for, as you type (cool!)

- 'Sandboxing' extended to Chrome's built-in Flash player, so less risk of security issues

Here are some Chrome 10 news links (probably with some overlap):

-- Vasudev Ram
Dancing Bison Enterprises

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