Monday, April 4, 2011

Disabled Odiogo service on my jugad2 blog due to new terms unclear

By Vasudev Ram

I disabled service (for automatically converting the post content to audio - you could listen by streaming or download an MP3) on my blog (this blog).

It used to be free till now but recently I got an email from them saying that it is going to be paid under certain conditions from now on.

As I tweeted earlier at:

they have not clarified the new terms which involve payment based on some vague / not clearly defined (at least to me) concept of a "threshold". I could be wrong or maybe I have not interpreted the new terms correctly but when they have not responded to my email asking for clarifications, after a few days, I thought it better to disable the service rather than be surprised later by some sudden large bill from them for using it - particularly since I think their terms said the charges may be on a per download (MP3) basis.

So I have disabled it with effect from now.

Sorry for the inconvenience, readers.

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- Vasudev Ram

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