Friday, April 15, 2011

IBM developerWorks now has article tags

By Vasudev Ram -

IBM developerWorks - - is a pretty good developer portal with hundreds, maybe thousands, of articles and tutorials on topics like Linux (programming as well as system administration, C as well as shell), UNIX/AIX, Java, Eclipse, open source technologies, Python, Ruby, PHP, XML, MySQL, Derby, JavaScript, Ajax and also on many IBM products, such as the WebSphere suite of products, DB2, Lotus Notes, etc. It has articles not only on the programming languages mentioned, but also on various libraries, tools and products related to those languages.

I saw recently that developerWorks now has tags for articles, on the right side of the page. There is a tag cloud - which can be switched to a list - and you can also search for articles by tag. That should make it more easy to find articles of interest, even though it did earlier have a search box in the top right corner (and still does).

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