Friday, April 15, 2011

Sending a file to many recipients with IBM WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition

By Vasudev Ram

Just saw this article on IBM developerWorks via their email newsletter which I get:

One-to-many file transfers using WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition (FTE).

The article describes how to do it, and says that before this facility was made available, it was still possible to do it in previous MQ versions, but only via writing complex Ant scripts. Now it is built-in (though you still have to set things up).

I'm not blogging about this because of the article itself, per se (though it is of interest), but more because I think the concept (of sending a file to many recipients - in an automated way) is potentially useful and could be implemented in other environments as well, that do not use IBM WebSphere MQ, whether they are other Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) products like IBM MQ or just custom applications that implement their own file transfer via programmed FTP, sockets or whatever.

I had worked for a while on an app that used IBM's MQ product, before it became a part of the IBM WebSphere product suite; it was called IBM MQ Series then. I had looked a bit into the architecture of the product and thought it was a good one, as were the features it provided.

Speaking of file transfer, check out Sendoid which I blogged about recently:

Sendoid, new file sharing service, a YCombinator startup

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