Monday, April 18, 2011

SevenLunches, daily email alerts on lunch specials

By Vasudev Ram

I saw it on This Week in Startups:

SevenLunches - lets you get daily alerts by email / SMS about all the daily lunch specials at restaurants near you. The specials could be either new items, discounted items, or both. It's a US-based startup. They also have a free iPhone app that alerts you to the same daily lunch specials information based on your location, using GPS. An Android app for that is coming too.

The business model is freemium with paid coming later.

Quote from the article:

"My true goal however is to be able to walk into any given restaurant in Boston or any of our target cities a year from now demo the app and show them their competitors down the street using SevenLunches and say: "We can get your special out to 50,000+ people within X miles of you every single day".

I think this is a good idea and IMO, they have a good chance of succeeding, since it is a real-life service that many people may find useful.

Here is the full article about SevenLunches on This Week in Startups:

Click on the image below to go to the SevenLunches site.

- Vasudev Ram

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