Sunday, May 29, 2011

"About:" tips for Google Chrome, including Side Tabs and browser memory usage

By Vasudev Ram | @vasudevram |

If you use Google Chrome, try these "about:" tips:

1. "about:flags"

Make sure to read the WARNING message at the top of the screen that displays when you use this about tip. Basically, these flags / features are experimental, and Google says (in that about page) that their use "may cause your browser to delete your data, or your security and privacy may be compromised". So don't use the features while logged into any service or while other tabs contain any important or private data.

It shows many flags that can be enabled / disabled. Many of them are GPU-related, which I didn't try out. But one useful flag is Side Tabs. After you enable this, you need to relaunch Chrome. 

Again, take care to save all forms / other data and log out of all web sites / apps before relauncing Chrome, since you will be logged out of those sites by the relaunch (even if you haven't saved your data and logged out yourself).

Once it relaunches, your Chrome tabs will now be on the left side of the screen instead of at the top. This feature is more useful with wide monitors.

2. "about:memory:

This features shows the usage of memory by Chrome, both in total, and the breakup across different tabs, plugins and extensions.

If you want to learn more Chrome tips, see this CNET article, which is where I saw the about tips:

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