Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rice plate is ready :-)

Rice plate is ready (*)

By Vasudev Ram - dancingbison.com | @vasudevram | jugad2.blogspot.com

Housefed is a new Sil(ly) Valley based startup in the area of food. Looks interesting.

Excerpt from the TechCrunch link below, saying what it is about:

[ Housefed is a service for people to eat homecooked meals with others at the cook's home, whether in the city you live or while on the road. (Tip: Hunt for the Housefed blog, it counters much of the Silicon Valley groupthink.) ]

BTW, on a first scan of the Housefed tumblog, I'm not so sure I agree with that last statement above - i.e. "counters SV groupthink" - some of the blog posts seems to me like more of the same (groupthink), at least to some extent. But regardless of that, the startup's core concept sounds innovative.


More links about Housefed below:

Site: http://housefed.com

Tumblog: http://housefed.tumblr.com

Twitter: @housefed

(*) The title of my post is a reference to that term used on signboards outside Indian restaurants that serve traditional Indian "thali"-type meals (simple, not the elaborate kind with twenty-odd different items, those are a different and more expensive category). The simple thalis are also called "rice plates", and the signboard often says 'rice plate is ready' :) They are also called "meals" - e.g. - veg(etarian) meals (the default), chicken meals, mutton meals, etc. I saw more than one use of the word "meals" on the Housefed tumblog, so titled the post (indirectly) based on that.

Here are some hits from a Google search for "rice plate is ready":



Above link also has a reference to "Quick Gun Murugun" and "Rice Plate Reddy" :)

Thali: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thali

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