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The Startup Magazine, Magcloud-powered, launching August 2011

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Saw this on Hacker News (

The Startup Magazine - - is to launch in early August 2011. As the name says, it is a magazine about startups; it will consist of interesting startup stories. It will be on sale in both digital and print format. The print format will be created using the Magcloud ( ) magazine print-on-demand service by Hewlett-Packard that I had blogged about earlier, here:

Start your own magazine with MagCloud, a cool new Hewlett-Packard startup:

Excerpt from the Startup Magazine front page:

[ The special issue of Hacker Monthly, "Startup Stories," was a smash hit. You, our readers, loved it and now you want more.

So we figured, why not make a new magazine out of it? Think of it as a monthly dose of "Founders At Work" or "Do More Faster." Wouldn't that be something?

We are hard at work making this happen, with a set deadline of August 8th, 2011. If you run a startup and have a story to tell, drop us a line. Otherwise, enter your email below so we can tell you when it has launched. ]

Hacker News thread about The Startup Magazine:

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