Saturday, September 10, 2011

DigMyData analytics starts, free trial till end 2011

By Vasudev Ram - | @vasudevram |

DigMyData, a startup in the analytics space, launched this week.

They have a free trial going until the end of 2011. It has what looks like a novel and interesting approach to analytics. Some ways of describing them are as "the online dashboard for CEOs" and "the analytics dashboard for those who don't have time for analytics".

They support Google Analytics, Google AdWords, PayPal, Gmail, AWeber, Twitter and Facebook as sources of input for analytics. They can and will try to add other sources too, either on their own or on request from users.

Peldi of Balsamiq Mockups is an advisor to them. Balsamiq Mockups is a pretty successful startup that has been in the (Hacker and suit :) news off and on over the last few years, not only for the good traction of its products, but also for their approach to business.

DigMyData was founded by a team of two guys who had earlier practically done the entire spec/design (speaking loosely, see Peldi's blog for details) for the JIRA integration of Balsamiq Mockups - as wannabe future users of it. Peldi has a blog post up in which he says what their product DigMyData is about, including how he uses DigMyData for Balsamiq business.

And BTW, Balsamiq also has a series of 30-second videos on what they make for dinner (when they are in a hurry and don't know what to make :). Anyone can contribute to it, too.

Balsamiq dinner video series

More about DigMyData below:

DigMyData features

About DigMyData

The DigMyData blog

- Vasudev Ram @ Dancing Bison

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