Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Stanford-quality Masters in Computer Science online for $2000

By Vasudev Ram - | @vasudevram |

Just saw this tweet by Dr. Sebastian Thrun (!/SebastianThrun ):

"Who here would love to get a CS Master's degree online, if it is of Stanford quality and only costs $2000 in tuition? Please reply."

Link to the tweet, in original form (not shortened):!/SebastianThrun/status/112397835370115072

Looks like he may be planning to organize and offer such a course if there is enough interest. The online AI Class ( ) to be taught by him and Peter Norvig (this fall / autumn), and which will also be based on the same content as taught to that class at Stanford, has gotten a huge number of signups - over 50 or 70 thousand or maybe even over a 100 thousand by now - I saw reports earlier of 50K (sure) and 70K (IIRC), but that was some days ago and I did not track it after that.

So reply to that tweet of his if you are interested - the more people indicate interest, the more likely that the course will happen.

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