Friday, November 16, 2012

Mongoose web server does have a Python binding

Ignore post if read earlier via feed and seeing it again; only change is to fix a typo in post title.

In my previous post, about the Mongoose web server, I said I wished it had a Python binding.

It does have one. I must have missed seeing it due to the small screen of my mobile.

Many readers commented, telling me of my mistake. Thanks to all of them.

Though I saw the comments via Blogger email notifications, I could not publish any comments because 1) I only have my mobile right now, no laptop, 2) I am on vacation in a remote area, and 3) Blogger Android app does not support comments at all, and Blogger web UI does not work on my phone at all.

I must get a better phone or a tablet soon  ...

Wikipedia article on mongooses is interesting:

I had seen a few mongooses when I used to roam around in the forests in Central India when I was a kid.

- Vasudev Ram

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