Saturday, November 17, 2012

SWIFT is on Twitter

SWIFT - - is a "global provider of secure financial messaging".

Though the description just says financial messaging, SWIFT can be used, together with banks at both the sending and receiving ends, to transfer payments for products or services electronically.

I've used it more than once before to send / receive cross-country payments, from my international consulting clients.

I wonder why not many Internet / web startups seem to use it.

Maybe due to ignorance of it, or is there some other reason  ...  ?

I really wish all startups / e-commerce companies /  online payment services / payment gateways / whatever the heck you want to call them, would support SWIFT as an option.

Read more at to learn more about them. So-called bricks-and-mortar companies have been using SWIFT for donkey's years. Hell, I  remember  first hearing about SWIFT in a high school economics class.

- Vasudev Ram

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