Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Free parallel programming webinar (Python and R) by Domino Data Labs

By Vasudev Ram

I had blogged a few times earlier about Domino Data Lab, which is the maker of Domino, a Python PaaS (Platform as a Service) for data science (though it can also be used for general programming in the cloud). I had done a trial of it and found it to be quite good and easy to use. In fact Domino's ease of use for cloud programming was one of the points I specifically noticed and commented on, after trying it out.

Here is the last of those posts:

Domino Python PaaS now has a free plan

That post links to my earlier posts about Domino.

Today I got to know that they are hosting a free webinar on parallel programming with Python and R, using Domino. Here are the details:


Free webinar on parallel programming in R and Python

We'll show you how to utilize multi-core, high-memory machines to dramatically accelerate your computations in R and Python, without any complex or time-consuming setup.

You'll learn:

How to determine whether your tasks can be parallelized on multi-core, high-memory machines

General purpose techniques in R and Python for parallel programming

Specific applications of parallel programming in a machine learning context, including how to speed up cross-validation, grid search, and random forest calculations

Finally, how to use Domino for easy access to powerful multi-core machines where you can utilize these techniques.

About the instructor

The webinar will be led by Nick Elprin, one of Domino’s co-founders. Before starting Domino, Nick was a senior technologist and technology manager at a large hedge fund, where he managed a team that designed, developed, and delivered the firm’s next generation research platform. He has a BA and MS in computer science from Harvard.


You can sign up for the webinar here:

Domino Data Lab: free webinar on parallel programming in Python and R

- Vasudev Ram - Python training and consulting - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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