Sunday, January 4, 2015

from pattern.web import Google;

By Vasudev Ram


$ pip install pattern
from pattern.web import Google, plaintext

google = Google(language='en') 
for result in'"python"', cached=False):
        print unicode(plaintext(result.text))
    except UnicodeEncodeError:
        print "UnicodeEncodeError, skipping this tweet"
    except Exception:
        print "Exceptions happen"
$ python >t
$ less t # more coffee
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Anonymous said...

Why does a UnicodeDecodeError mean the result is a tweet?!

Vasudev Ram said...

It does not mean it is a tweet. It was an error while modifying code from the earlier post which was for Twitter search, while this post is for Google search (both using pattern.web). See the link in the "pip install pattern" line, for the earlier post. I usually proof-read the code, text and links in the post before hitting publish, but missed this one ...

Vasudev Ram said...

So it should really read "skipping this result". But I'm not going to make the change in the post itself, since that will mean readers via feed readers or aggregators will get the post twice.