Saturday, February 14, 2015

Google Capital coming to invest in India

By Vasudev Ram

Google Capital is coming to India to set up base from which invest in Indian startups, says the Economic Times.


[ is setting up its growth capital arm in India to double down on startup investing as it turns bullish on fast-growing local emerging companies that have drawn attention from big investors across the world.
will hire a team and invest in growth-stage companies in India, a market in which investors ranging from Japanese communications group SoftBank to Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba have recently made big bets. "It made a lot of sense to focus a lot of attention here now," David Lawee, partner at Google Capital
A serial entrepreneur, Lawee counts the move to set up office in India as "the most important" decision Google Capital has made in recent months
"I want to invest up to the limit of what's reasonable," said Lawee, who was the head of corporate development at Google until 2012.
While Google Capital, founded in 2013, has invested nearly $500 million in 11 companies globally, India will be its first destination where it has an office outside the US.
The California-based company also invests in early-stage companies through Google Ventures. "The companies that I'm seeing here have much more upside than most companies I'm seeing in the US," said Lawee. ]

- Vasudev Ram - Dancing Bison Enterprises

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