Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Paperweight from Paperspace (YC) - a better PC in the cloud

By Vasudev Ram

Just saw this via Twitter.

Paperweight is a small hardware device from Paperspace, a Y Combinator startup that recently came out of stealth mode, according to the Paperspace about page.

Here is a post about Paperspace on the Y Combinator Posthaven (blog):

Paperspace (YC W15) Lets Anyone Access A Better Personal Computer That Lives In The Cloud

This video about Paperspace is good :-) Make sure to watch the whole thing - it's short.

If the embed above doesn't work, view the video here:

Paperspace video

The idea for the Paperspace computer-in-the-cloud may not be entirely new, since it seems to be (roughly) a sort of thin client, like the erstwhile Sun Ray, but it does seem innovative, overall.

I guess it could be called a PCaaS (PC as a Service :-)

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