Sunday, March 1, 2015

pip now installed with Python 2.7.9

By Vasudev Ram

In Python 2.7.9, pip (the Python package installer tool) will now be installed automatically.

Read it via a tweet and then verified it via this link:

Installing Python Modules

and also this one:

pip included with Python

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the version bundled has at least these hugs if not more:

- cis files on windows don't work, installing a package from \\computer\directory\package will fail

- symbolic links in install target or /tmp locations, which seem to be prevalent on macos, result in incomplete installations when building binary modules

So you need to upgrade pip asap from the stock version: pip install --upgrade pip

Vasudev Ram said...

Thanks for the info. I actually thought of doing that, and did it (the upgrade), though not for the reason you said. Anyway, good to know.