Saturday, April 8, 2017

The reference D compiler is now open source (

By Vasudev Ram

Just saw this discussion on HN:

DMD, the reference D compiler is now open source (

It is about this news about the D language:

dmd Backend converted to Boost License

I read part of the discussion, and also commented. As often happens, though the original post is about the change in the licensing of the back=end of the DMD compiler (Digital Mars D), the thread devolved (partly at least) into a discussion of the pros and cons of D versus some other languages, and that kind of thread is often interesting.

Updating the post to add:

- Link to this post on about the news:

The Official D Compiler Is Now Free (as in "freedom")

- As user bionsuba says there:

[ bionsuba[S] 30 points 4 hours ago
The front end as been Boost licensed for several years now. But now the backend has been relicensed thanks to Symantec giving their permission.
This has big implications for the language as a whole, as the compiler can now be included in Linux package managers. Meaning, D programs can be distributed on those same package managers. There's also the possibility that DMD can become part of the default packages on a distro! ]

And Andrei Alexandrescu (of Modern C++ Design fame), who now works with Walter Bright on the D language, adds:

[ andralex 16 points 3 hours ago
We will discuss more details and implications of the impact of open sourcing the compiler at DConf in Berlin in May. Registration is open! ]

Update 2 to add:

I'm putting below, an Ask HN thread that I had started some months ago. It got some interesting replies:

Ask HN: What are you using D (language) for?

The replies give some examples of non-trivial things that D can be used for.

Update 3 to add:

As Walter Bright say here, it's the #1 story on HN at the moment (and for a while now).

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