Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Vindhyas as seen from Bhimbetka

I was browsing some Wikipedia sites about Indian rivers and mountain ranges, and via a chain of links, came across this page, about the Vindhyas as seen from Bhimbetka.

The Vindhyas are a large mountain range in central India.

I lived in Madhya Pradesh for some years as a teenager. Madhya Pradesh is called M.P. for short; the name means, loosely, middle state, referring to its geographic position in India.

The Vindhyas are partly in Madhya Pradesh, and Bhimbetka is in M.P. too.

I had visited Bhimbetka, and also traveled to, or through, many other places in M.P. generally, and the Vindhyas in particular (both within and outside of M.P., such as in Maharashtra, a neighboring state, for example) as a kid and teenager. I loved many of those places.

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